Wednesday, April 28, 2010

X marks the spot

Sound familiar? Now you're thinking of a pirate's treasure map, aren't you? I know I am. How often we look at life and see this treasure map of someplace else promising wealth, treasure, and happiness. So then what? We start planning on looking for the X in our lives, getting our equipment ready, daydreaming about what we'll do with said treasure, not to mention all the legwork:walking, searching, digging.

Somehow or other, the X never seems to be found or it doesn't hold the allure it did in our imaginations when we finally do find it. And in the end, we are left twice depressed because the thing we sought didn't satisfy and the search has sucked the very life out of where we are.

This is not as God intended! Ever seen those little plaques with the saying "Bloom where you are planted?" X for me is Tennessee, raising two kids under 6, living on one paycheck. It's MY spot...the one God has given me. Shall I not receive it with thanksgiving? Would I dare look for another X that was easier? I will not. There is treasure to be found here in this X, and I, to God be the glory, will claim it.


  1. hello, what part of Tennessee are you from? I live in New Market in East TN, near Knoxville. Come see me on my blog. I would love to have you visit. Best regards to you, my new friend.

  2. actually, memphis...on the other side of the world from you.


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