Tuesday, October 26, 2010


We all have them, good and bad. They are fine until you want to break the status quo--make a new habit and it's a fight Try and break one and you'll find yourself in an uphill struggle.

I guess for me, the challenge of a blog is that I do not have a habit of writing as I did back in April with the A to Z Challenge I was a part of. I made regular time to write everyday. That seemed to work well enough, until May hit. By then I didn't want to write a thing. Perhaps the reason is that I approached it like a sprinter. Someone who expends a bunch of energy for a short time.

Blogging, however seems to be a much more long-range sort of goal, a series of small steps to the greater picture, so to speak. Honestly, it's not too terribly different from meal planning...it's all a matter of discipline, which is how habits are made and traded.

Over a year ago, when I saw that our home business had failed and that we'd be living on less, I began making a meal plan. I started using the book Saving Dinner the Low Carb Way by Leanne Ely to help me in the process. Each week there was 6 meals of differing tastes/styles. One night was dedicated for chicken, one for beef, one for pork, one for fish, one for international, and one for crock pot. This has helped me tremendously as I have sought to keep our menu interesting since we would no longer be going out. So Step one for preparing the blogging framework should have something to do with themed blogs. I've seen several that do this (like http://melodygreen.wordpress.com/) she has a menu planning day, a thankful day, a wordnerd day to name a few. I think something like that could be very helpful...just to have a frame upon which to hang my thoughts.

The first thing that comes to my mind is alliterative: Whatever Wednesday. This could be a catchall for all kinds of things that pop into my head that need writing down. (yeah, I know, it's Tuesday as I write this, but I hafta start somewhere.)

With this, I shall begin the habit of writing on Wednesday. One baby-step at a time...Perhaps I'll come up with another category that will suit me. Until then, I'll be a one-note wonder.

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