Saturday, April 17, 2010

O is for Outdoors

OH there is nothing quite like a night out under stars, around a fire, cooking hot dogs and s'mores. What a great memory we built this weekend. My close friend and I took my kiddos ages 5 and 2 on their first outdoor adventure. All week there was the build up. It was cool just to see the wonder of the great big world in my 5 year old's eyes. He was so adorable out there. He was a big helper since he was the only guy around. He loved it. He set the table, helped pop the tents.

He also got the chance to ride his bike unfettered by the street that is sometimes a speed course on our street. He wanted to ride everywhere and be free. It was such an honor to share this with him because he honestly appreciated it. The 2yo was just glad to be a part, but Pearce, really loved it.

I'm not going to use this blog as a platform for what's wrong in our society, but I will say that being able to be out there was a way to partially reclaim some of what's been lost over the years to technology, blipping and beeping, flashing and whirring. Being outdoors where you are not in control. You get to see your place in this world. You are small. Exactly as it should be.


  1. I find being outside in nature very refreshing.

  2. What a fun time. It's so much fun to see things through your little one's eyes. I know that feeling and miss it since my boys are older now. But I still have the memories. :)

    Great post and I agree with you on the getting away from everything...if just for a few days.


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