Saturday, April 23, 2011

G is for Grace/Gratitude

I am really far behind now. I think the rest of the blogging community in this challenge is on letter R or something. I'm not even close. But here's where I am, so I will accept grace and continue on.

Grace is one of those things that lots and lots of people in the religious world can talk about. I can talk about it. I can tell you all the acronyms, all the catchy phrases about it. I even named my cat Graycie.

But just like that song "the Change" by Steven Curtis Chapman, none of it makes a difference unless it's brought about change in my life. Isn't that what I'm here for? Isn't that what God intends for me--Transformation by grace.

The struggle for me in it all is that I don't do a good job giving it myself or others. Case in point: last week was a ROTTEN week. I had a situation that was really over the top. I wanted to buy a new 4G phone, but since my contract wouldn't allow me to upgrade for a cheap price, I looked on Craigslist. I found a good price. Once I called about the phone, though, I kept sensing I needed to back out/away from the phone. The lady called me back...while I was proctoring the TCAP no less. None of this mattered. I conceived the plan/the desire came full circle. Regardless of what I felt about making the deal about this phone. I proceded. It ended up blowing up in my face. As soon as I called Sprint to activate the phone, it was over. They wouldn't unlock the phone and I wasn't about to switch networks for the phone. I was hosed. It really knocked me for a loop.

BUT, I learned some things like "never buy a phone without checking out the ESN (electronic serial number) with the provider." Another thing I learned was "don't just listen to the word, DO what it says." I listened/heard it but didn't obey and got burned in the process.

So for me, this was a huge lesson in grace. I have to give myself grace for this situation because I really have no choice. I COULDN'T have known to check the ESN number, but I learned what the sound of God's voice was in all of it. I also learned to listen...and next time. I hope that i will obey. But that is grace, pure and simple. It's a teachable moment from God for me. I can ignore it and be bitter, angry, and mope about because I lost money, time, and the opportunity for a cool phone. Or I can accept the lesson I learned about dealing on Craigslist, the small voice, and waiting on Him for my every need.

The second is so much more worthy.

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  1. You'll make it in your time. Good message to heed in this post.

    Tossing It Out


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