Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hallelujah, What a Savior!

I just want to post how grateful I am that the God of the Universe cares about me. I'm completely and utterly a mess, yet He sees beauty in me. He trusts me to carry His glory to the uttermost. He infuses me with His power to do that which will bring Him glory in this world. And is that selfish on His part? Some would say yes. It looks that way, but honestly, it cannot be true.

Sure, we live in a capitalistic society where there are advertisements a-plenty vying for our attention and our money. And yes, it would be easy to think that God's just one more voice calling for us to benefit Him in the form of praise for Himself.

The truth is, God is WORTHY of our praise. He has made this world for our pleasure. The breathtaking sunsets, the majestic mountains, the vast sea, the uniqueness of a single snowflake, never replicated--ever, the vastness of the universe. And beyond all this, He is personally involved in this lives of his children, leading them to show others how he can bless their lives too. What else can I do but join Him?

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