Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I know, it's not wednesday, but this is certainly a whatever (i feel like posting about). Meta-blogging. What is it? Is it some sort of super blogger? Nope...it's just spending your blogging time/space to talk about blogging. I feel it's important to meta-blog as I hammer out the details of what I want this thing for in the first place.

So now, that begs the question, doesn't it? What DO i want to blog about? What is the purpose of this blog (or any for that matter). I suppose that for me, blogging is as much about organizing my thoughts as it is sharing the journey I'm on with others on this old earth. Do I fancy myself as some sort of guru about any certain topic, let me shout a resounding NO WAY. Certainly, there are plenty of experts out there sharing their wealth in some way or other. The bloggers of http://cakewrecks.blogspot.com share humor at what people spend money for on cake decorating. Ree, of thepioneerwoman.com shares all sorts of morsels: photography, cooking, homemaking, loving your man. Hannah of Hannahbrayboy.com shares of her love of photography, baby wearing, cute little brothers among others.

I guess what I see in all this is that everyone has something to offer, something to share with the rest of us. For this reason, I hope to make a difference with the things I post. I hope to be honest about things that terrify me or expose me. Overall, what I want this blog to be is a place to meet myself...to discover for myself what makes me tick, but most importantly to catalog the journey that I am on with a Faithful God, and adoring husband, and two treasured children. It is the road that leads me toward contentment...ever closer.

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